About Dr. Hughes

Michael T. Hughes D.D.S.


Hi there!  I'm Mike Hughes, owner and general dentist at Red Rock Dental.  I acquired this dental practice in 2005.  Hard to believe we have been in Sedona for 15 years now!  This dental practice in its various forms has been in Sedona, Arizona for well over 30 years and we plan to keep it going long into the future.  Patients often ask about my background, so I thought I would tell you about myself and how I came to be a dentist in Sedona, Arizona.

I was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan in 1974.  My father was an engineer with Bechtel, which led us to move to Spain, then back to Michigan, and on to Maryland over time.  I attended Quince Orchard High School in Gaithersburg, Maryland and then went on to St. Mary's College of Maryland.  I played NCAA baseball for four years with the Seahawks, and graduated with a B.A. in Biology (yes, a B.A.!) in 1997.  I went on to dental school at the University of Maryland- Baltimore College of Dental Surgery in downtown Baltimore.  I received my D.D.S. in 2001 and chose to go into private practice.  I worked for a great group practice in Frederick, Maryland through the end of 2004.  At that point,  I decided to go out on my own and considered setting up a practice in or near Frederick.  After discovering that Arizona began to accept the examination I had taken to get my Maryland license, my then fiance Maegan and I decided to take a look at some areas in Arizona with the intent to purchase or start up a dental practice.  We found Phoenix was not for us and, after looking around the state, we were fortunate enough to find this practice in Sedona.  The office was a nice fit with respect to size and philosophy.  We took over the office from Dr. Dan Haney on June 20, 2005.

In August 2005 Maegan and I were married at my parent's house in Las Vegas, Nevada.  October, 2007 brought us our first child, Addison.  In June, 2009 we had our first son Eamon and in May 2012 we had our second son Lincoln.

Our life has changed quite a bit since having children, but we still enjoy hiking when we can and we certainly have an abundance of good hiking in this area.  Maegan and I are both big sports fans.  Although Maegan is a Cubs, Bulls and Bears fan, she is a solid supporter of the Arizona teams.  I have taken on the Cardinals and Diamondbacks and Suns, but I am still very loyal to the Ravens!

  While the office was very nice when we took over, we have made and will continue to make an effort to improve upon what we have.  We brought in digital imaging to replace traditional radiographs and processing.  In each operatory we have the ability to take and save color images of the teeth which really helps in communicating what we see and why we recommend what we do.  We chart all the data and treatment notes within our computers as well.  We have DirecTv in all the rooms with monitors on the ceiling (HGTV is the go to channel but you can watch whatever you like) and we have infrared headphones. We have made the choice to not place silver (mercury containing amalgam) fillings and the metal we do use is limited to titanium implant parts and the few partials we do.  In June 2008 we installed a new digital panoramic radiograph device which will improve our diagnostic capabilities.  We now utilize electric high speed handpieces, we are placing and restoring dental implants, and we offer short term orthodontics.  In 2012 we incorporated the CEREC same day crown and bridge fabrication unit into our practice to deliver high quality crowns and bridges the same day we prepare the tooth.  We will strive to stay up on the technology available that will improve our ability to deliver the best dentistry we can.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Mike Hughes DDS